Problems building Subsurface for Android

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Sun Feb 5 01:52:01 PST 2017


Its done, wow, what a long road. Thank you so much for your almost 
limitless patience.

A question:

The script currently builds what I would presume to be the latest 
version of Subsurface-Mobile.

1) For the immediate I would like to build the full Subsurface desktop 
on Android. I have never seen that animal yet myself. That is the 
definitive step to see if Anton's FTDI interface runs on Android as 
planned. According to him this should work transparently: connect dc, 
follow the usual desktop download dialogue, download dives from dc. I 
assumed that if the environmental variable


is set, the desktop would be built, not the usual mobile app.

~/src$ printenv
.... etc

Do I need to do anything else to achieve this?

2) Once the above is confirmed, it remains to adapt the existing 
dc-download code in Subsurface-Mobile to interact with this FTDI module. 
Since that will entail QML there will probably be some pain in achieving 
this. But I have already gotten some way along the QML, I should be able 
to lick it in the end. Anton has given me some good pointers to follow.

Kind regards,

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