Bug: VPMB profile on latest executable

Stefan Fuchs sfuchs at gmx.de
Sun Jun 18 12:31:53 PDT 2017

Hello Willem, hallo Robert,

Am 13.06.2017 um 20:48 schrieb Willem Ferguson:
> On 13/06/2017 09:35, Robert Helling wrote:
>> Willem,
>>> On 13. Jun 2017, at 07:46, Willem Ferguson
>>> <willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za
>>> <mailto:willemferguson at zoology.up.ac.za>> wrote:
>>> Running on V4.6.4-188-gbe8 on Ubuntu 16.04, there appears to be a
>>> problem with representing the VPM-B ceiling on my machine. See
>>> attached image. Is this repeatable on other systems?
> I did some experimenting here. If I select Log->Plan from the main
> menu and select a VPM algorithm within the planner, then a profile is
> shown on the dive plan. If I then select Cancel from the dive plan and
> return to the dive log, then a VPM ceiling is shown on the profile,
> but this ceiling is probably erroneous because it differs
> significantly from that calculated by previous versions of Subsurface.
> Kind regards,
> willem 

Just back from my family holiday...
I can reproduce this issue under Windows 10 with a build based on latest
It behaves exactly as Willem is saying: After Subsurface start the
Subsurface generated VPM-B ceiling in the profile for any logged dive is
crap. After you once start the planner the result looks different and
better but still not 100% sure if it is correct.
I somehow have the feeling that the VPM-B calculation is not feed with
correct (init) values unless you once start the planner.

Best regards


Stefan Fuchs
E-Mail: sfuchs at gmx.de <mailto:sfuchs at gmx.de>

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