Subsurface-mobile V2 user manual

Willem Ferguson willemferguson at
Wed Oct 11 01:08:53 PDT 2017

Below is the link to the new version of the user manual. I received 
comments only from Dirk.

Jan, you submitted some changes to the manual in March this year. Are 
these still reflected?

Virtually all of the images have been replaced. Is the sizing of the 
images ok or should they be somewhat smaller?

Dirk, are you prepared to pull these for me, please? (unless you would 
like any more substantial edits which I would do with pleasure)

Some comments on my edits:

1) The use of second person in the text. While I respect the view that 
the text should be informal and user-oriented, too many cases of the 
word "you" in a single paragraph or section is bad style. In these cases 
I have in some places replaced it with the third person "one" to let it 
read more fluently. In other cases, the use of the second person is 
wordy e.g. "You can press the Cancel button" I changed to a direct 
instruction "Press the Cancel button".

2) I used links in the present version of the user manual. I hope links 
work when the HTML is rendered within Subsurface-mobile.

Kind regards,

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