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> Well ugh, you went to log so I can't tell anymore (my math-skill is crap nowadays), but since you essentially have a model here, then one way to test this would be to run it with input data of depth and measured pO2 (instead of the sp), as well as the actual fO2 of diluent for a number of simple descend-ascend profiled CCR-dives, and see how closely the observed O2-cylinder pressure matches the one from the model.
> The volume of the loop would not be a factor if all the dives are done with the same rebreather model.

yes, let’s give it a try with some real dives. Would you mind sharing some CCR logs with me that have depth information as well as initial and final O2 as well as diluent pressures? Ideally some that don’t have excessive jo-jo phases with excessive buoyancy adjustments necessary but varying over a range of depths. Let’s see if my model gives a more constant rate of O2 consumption than simply taking the drop in O2 pressure divided by dive time.

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