Subsurface mobile general question

Paul-Erik Törrönen poltsi at
Tue Nov 16 08:29:48 PST 2021

On 2021-11-15 22:43, Robert Helling wrote:
> yes, let’s give it a try with some real dives. Would you mind sharing
> some CCR logs with me that have depth information as well as initial
> and final O2 as well as diluent pressures? Ideally some that don’t
> have excessive jo-jo phases with excessive buoyancy adjustments
> necessary but varying over a range of depths. Let’s see if my model
> gives a more constant rate of O2 consumption than simply taking the
> drop in O2 pressure divided by dive time.

These should have a simple down - bottom time - up-profile:

A bit of explanation about the content. The archive contains both the 
Subsurface-converted dives, one dive in each file, as well as the source 
file, which is in the Sentinel native format.

The reason why I included also the latter is that it contains all sample 
values for each interval whereas the converted xml-files only contain 
values when they've changed. It might actually be easier to read the 
former and use it, than the latter.

Each sample is taken at Recint-interval. The fields are:

R0000	Interval #
0017	Depth (1/10m)
0001	something
0040	pO2 (1/100bar, used in display, calculated from F, G and H)
M1	something
T12	Temp (⁰C)
A449	Filter (%)
B390	Battery 1 (V)
C388	Battery 2 (V)
D172	Dil (bar)
E160	O2 (bar)
F40	O2 Cell 1 (1/100bar)
G40	O2 Cell 2 (1/100bar)
H40	O2 Cell 3 (1/100bar)
I40	SP  (1/100bar)
J0	Ceiling (m)
S0	Temp 1 (scrubber)
T0	Temp 2 (scrubber)
U0	Temp 3 (scrubber)
V0	Temp 4 (scrubber)
W0	Temp 5 (scrubber)
X0	Temp 6 (scrubber)
Y0	Temp 7 (scrubber)
Z0	Temp 8 (scrubber)
x0	CO2 (mbar)


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